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July is Clean Beaches Month

July is Clean Beaches Month

Everybody loves going to the beach, especially during the summers. Unfortunately, people tend to leave behind a lot of trash. This has a much bigger impact on the environment than just making our beaches less clean. It’s why July has been named Clean Beaches Month as a way to raise awareness.

Firework Safety: Keeping It Safe and Fun

Fireworks Safety

One of the biggest American holidays in the summer is the Fourth of July. It’s a day when families all over the U.S. get together, hold barbecues and go to a nearby firework show. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of injuries on this day because people mishandle fireworks. According to the National Fire Protection…

Staying Safe in Extreme Heat

extreme heat

Although there’s nothing quite like enjoying a warm summer afternoon, it’s important you watch out for extreme heat warnings. When temperatures get too high, they can be dangerous to your health. Extreme heat can cause heat-related illnesses, such as heat exhaustion or stroke. This occurs due to the body’s inability to properly cool itself. Younger…

6 Ways to Stay Safe As A Realtor

Stay Safe As A Realtor

Being a Realtor® allows you to meet many interesting people while on the job. However, it’s because Realtors deal with strangers on a daily basis that they should be extra careful. The following are six basic tips that will help you stay safe as a Realtor: Schedule showings during the day – Avoid showing homes…