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July is Clean Beaches Month

July is Clean Beaches Month

Everybody loves going to the beach, especially during the summers. Unfortunately, people tend to leave behind a lot of trash. This has a much bigger impact on the environment than just making our beaches less clean. It’s why July has been named Clean Beaches Month as a way to raise awareness.

The Golden State Killer: DNA Testing & Tracking

DNA Testing

Advancements in DNA testing is continuing to have a big impact on society as evidenced by the recent capture of the Golden State Killer. While the infamous serial killer was finally brought to justice via DNA testing, some are voicing concern about the method in which he was tracked down. Could DNA Testing Be Problematic?…

Scientists Create a New Type of Light

Photons, which make up light, do not interact. It’s why when you shine two flashlights at one another, nothing out of the ordinary happens. However, scientists have discovered a new form of light as a way of getting photons to interact. This could potentially lead to all kinds of possibilities, from being able to use…

California’s Single-Payer Projected Cost

Single-payer health

A single-payer healthcare system is something that has been brought up time and time again over the past few decades. However, it’s generally been dismissed in favor of other forms of healthcare – until recently, that is. People are taking the idea of single-payer more seriously than ever before, especially with all of the controversy…

US Vaccination Success a Mixed Bag


The last week of April was recently designated as World Immunization Week by the World Health Organization to promote the use of vaccines and their importance in fighting against disease. Educating people about immunizations has become extremely important, especially in light of the “anti-vaccer” movement. Despite the anti-vaccer agenda, there has still been some US…