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Keeping Our Beaches Clean

beach cleanup

Beach pollution has been a major problem along the coast of California for decades. It’s one of the reasons why a great effort has been made to get people to clean up after themselves and to volunteer to clean their local beaches. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand just how damaging littering on the beach can be.…

Clean Beaches Month: 4 Ways to Help

Everybody loves going to the beach! Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of trash being left on the beaches. Not only does it make the beaches less pleasant, but that trash ends up contaminating the world’s oceans. That’s why July has been designated Clean Beaches Month. This month is meant to bring awareness to the…

July is Clean Beaches Month

July is Clean Beaches Month

Everybody loves going to the beach, especially during the summers. Unfortunately, people tend to leave behind a lot of trash. This has a much bigger impact on the environment than just making our beaches less clean. It’s why July has been named Clean Beaches Month as a way to raise awareness.