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Mental Health Matters

Your mental health impacts every aspect your life. Mental health problems can effect our emotional, psychological, and physical well being. When it comes to your mental health, self-care can help manage stress, increase your energy, and lower your risk of illness. Even small acts of self-care everyday can have a huge impact. Why bring awareness…

4 Warning Signs of an Eating Disorder

An estimated 9% of people in the U.S. will have an eating disorder in their lifetime. Additionally, there are over 10,000 deaths resulting from an eating-related disorder every year, making eating disorders the second deadliest mental illness behind opioid overdoses. Unfortunately, few people realize how severe eating-related disorders are in the U.S., which is why February was…

Extreme Weather Events Can Affect Your Mental Health

extreme weather events and mental health

As people have learned over the years, mental health is an incredibly important component of our well-being. There seem to be more factors affecting mental health in this day and age, too. According to a recent study by the National Centre for Social Research and the University of York, extreme weather events may be one…

How Does Severe Weather Affect Mental Health?

When severe weather causes serious damage, it’s no surprise it impacts our emotional well-being. Research shows people are much more likely to experience poor mental health leading to anxiety or even depression if their homes are damaged by severe weather.