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4 Easy Ways to Increase Mindfulness


Practicing mindfulness may seem like some sort of a new-age form of meditation, but it’s much more than just that. Mindfulness is a way to improve your health. You improve your mood by promoting positive thinking. It can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.

Blame It on Your Nose

cold symptoms

As common as the cold is (After all, it’s referred to as the “common cold.”), it’s surprising how little we know about it. Maybe that’s why there’s no cure. However, researchers have recently revealed that the severity of the symptoms a person might experience due to a cold could be linked to the type of bacteria…

Sports Safety: Protecting Your Eyes

Sports Safety

Most people are very conscious about sports safety in this day and age, especially once the danger of concussions became more well known. People will generally make sure to wear helmets and padding when playing contact sports to help prevent injuries. Unfortunately, while everyone is rightfully worried about keeping their heads and limbs from being…

7 Facts About Sleep Positions

Most people know that a good night’s sleep is important to their mental and physical health; however, not everyone realizes the way you sleep can have a big impact on your overall health as well. Not to mention that the position you sleep in can say a lot about your personality! The following are seven…

4 Facts About Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccination

People are often worried about getting vaccinated – as they should be. It’s one of the reasons August was named National Immunization Awareness Month; to make sure everyone remembers to get their vaccinations. Vaccinations can help prevent serious illnesses. In addition to ensuring you and your family get properly vaccinated, don’t forget to do the…